Dancing Daisy Ltd – Supplying and fitting dancewear and dance shoes for Dancers, Dance Schools, Teachers and Dance Shops for almost 12 years. Established in 2008. daisy@dancing-daisy.co.uk

Daisy’s Dance Shop has moved to our main business premises at

25-27, Whittle Road, Ferndown Industrial Estate, BH21 7RP.

FREE Customer parking in our own onsite car park.

From Tuesday 1st September we will be OPEN as normal between 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday and Saturdays 9am – 4pm. You do not need an appointment except for pointe shoe fitting.

Book your appointment by phone 01202 897937, or message us on Facebook or email us at daisy@dancing-daisy.co.uk.

COVID-19 Procedures at Daisy’s Dance Shop

Customer and staff safety is our top priority, we have put these procedures in place to keep us all safe and following government guidelines, please adhere to them at all times.

1 – Wear your mask, we will be wearing ours – we can look uncomfortable together.

2 – Please use the hand sanitiser provided and keep 2m apart where possible.

3 – Only two customers/family groups allowed inside at any one time.

4 – If you are bringing a child to be fitted please ensure they do not touch anything. Please avoid bringing additional children/adults if you can.

5 – The door will be unlocked for customers to come into the shop. If we already have two customer family groups in the shop, we will ask you to either take a seat outside or wait in your car and a member of staff will come and get you once one of the family groups has left. Don’t worry, we won’t leave you standing outside in the pouring rain!

6 – We have marked the floor to show the best place to stand, at a safe distance from our counter, staff and other customers.

7 – Please do not touch any of the products, our staff will get the products you need for you.

8 – Please pay by card payment where possible, we are also accepting cash payments.

9 – If you are being fitted for shoes, you need to have your own socks on already. We will not be able to fit shoes unless you are wearing your socks.

10 – Our changing room is now open if you would like to use it

11 – When you are ready to leave, simply leave by the same route you came in. You are welcome to use the hand sanitiser on your way out.

12 – After each customer we will wipe down all areas likely to have been touched, such as door handles etc and any products touched or tried on will be quarantined for 72 hours.

We are so looking forward to seeing you all!

You can also order on our website 24/7 – orders can be posted to you or you can use our free Click & Collect option. www.dancing-daisy.co.uk

Click & Collect COVID-19 Procedure

1 – You can come into the shop to collect your order, if there are already two customer family groups in the shop a member of staff will bring your order to the front door for you.

2 – Once you have checked the contents of your order, our member of staff will sign on your behalf that you have received it in good order.

Pointe Shoes Fittings

Pointe shoe fittings are by appointment only and are FREE.

Plus get your FREE Pointe shoes storage bag with every pair of pointe shoes purchased.

Book your Pointe Shoes Fitting appointment by phone 01202 897937, or message us on Facebook or email us at daisy@dancing-daisy.co.uk

*We have a limited number of pointe shoe fitting appointments available, please book yours in plenty of time. Pointe shoe fittings can take up to an hour, so please allow plenty of time. Please arrive on time to ensure we don’t keep the next dancer waiting.

1 – You will need to wear your mask for your pointe shoe fitting.

2 – Our expert pointe shoe fitter will be wearing a face guard and using hand sanitiser and anti-bacterial wipes.

3 – You need to have your ballet tights on or change into them when you arrive.

4 – For the full effect, especially if this is your first pointe shoe fitting – please wear your favourite leotard too. We often take pics for you and for our social media (with permission of course).

5 – Please only bring one other person with you for your fitting.

This stuff all sounds scary, but it’s really not. We just need to follow the procedures to continue to keep everyone safe and well.

Thank you for your co-operation and we can’t wait to serve you.

Looking forward to the new dance school year and hoping it’s bigger and better than the last one!

Dancing Daisy Ltd – Supplying and fitting dancewear and dance shoes for Dancers, Dance Schools, Teachers and Dance Shops for 12 years. Established in 2008. daisy@dancing-daisy.co.uk

Living our best dance lives.

Love Daisy xx